Vision and Mission for Girls living in Za’atari

This future learning space is created to bridge the gap between girls and boys education. Every child regardless of gender is granted the same basic human right of to a quality education.

Education for girls improves life for everyone, if a girl is educated they are more likely to stay in school, marry later, educate her future children,  lower her possibility of contracting HIV and is able to earn a higher wage, all of which enables her to end the poverty cycle for her future children.

For this reason every GIRL deserves the right to learn in a safe, positive environment where they are valued and their voices are heard.

Our Mission

This FLS is committed to providing girls with…

  • Life skills
  • An opportunity to think critically
  • Programs that build self-esteem and resilience
  • Resources to connect with the world around them
  • An environment where everyone is equal

Vision statement:

We invest in girls education, because they are the creators of change.