Introducing the E-Space

The internet will be a powerful tool that I believe is a must in this future learning space. These children would of had the internet when they lived in Syria, they were connected to the world around them and all of a sudden everything changed for them.

By implementing the E-space, it will allow the girls to communicate and chat to the people they left behind, they can also use apps such as FaceTime and Skype which will assist in the healing process.

It will also give the children a platform to voice their opinions, this can be done through blogging and the use of other apps, ultimately it is about connecting them to the world and giving them some normalcy in the camp.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 6.28.47 pm.png

It is especially important to implement for the girls because in Za’artari, boys are the only ones allowed to use the computers, I believe this is extremely unfair and discriminative.

To assist in bringing the E-space to life, SOS Children’s Villages International will be crucial. They are a NGO that work towards providing children with the opportunity to shape their own future and assist in developing and strengthening the community.

In the article Helping refugees connect they explain how they introduce the internet to the community. (SOS Children’s Villages International, 2016)  Click here to read it.

Siddhartha Kaul, the President of the organisation said

“During the long, arduous journeys which refugees must undertake, loneliness and isolation are a big issue. The ICT Corners are a true lifeline of communication which helps them to stay connected with their families and friends. Children and young people also have the chance to engage in playful and educational activities, which are central to their development and well-being. Finally, the refugees have an urgent and constant need for information regarding travel connections and updates on topics like the immigration policies of countries on their routes. The SOS ICT Corners provide the free WiFi connections that enable gathering this information. Their value is immeasurable.”
Siddhartha Kaul, President SOS Children’s Villages International
SOS Children’s Villages International. (2016, June 1). Helping Refugees connect. Retrieved from