How do we make it happen?

As previously discussed, life in Za’atari is not easy for girls or for anyone wanting to implement a program into the community.

It is going to be crucial for this FLS to work with the the NGO such as UNICEF and OXFAM as they have connections with the community that can assist in the implementation of the program.

This future learning space relies on more than one person, and is going to need the collaboration of many to get it up and running. The community members will play a large role in this. There are many refugees in the camp who were once educators or have had experience in education, therefore these people are going to be play crucial roles in the FLS

It is important that when the community is involved they are also provided with adequate resources, support and are trained in what the vision and mission of this FLS is about.

It is fundamental that the families are on board and are encouraging their girls to attend school, they also must be educated in the risks of not sending girls to school and the detrimental ripple effect it has on generations to come if they dont not. It is important to be sensitive and negotiable, these families have had their lives turned upside down and may be experiencing physical and physiological distress.

The clock is ticking, if children, including both girls and boys are not educated, Syria’s children may  become a lost generation, importantly we need to provide hope to these girls  that there is a future that is worth living and not one to be thrown away and married at the age of 12.  (theguardian, 2016).

We cannot fight it, it is evident that education for girls provides opportunities for themselves, their families and their future families which in turn benefits the entire community. Education for girls is the beginning of the the healing process, it is crucial they have the skills needed for a more peaceful future.

I believe this future learning space has the potential to create change for the girls who are living in Za’arati. Every girl, every child for that matter deserves a quality education, lets work hard to give it to them.


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