An Educator in Za’atari

To be an educator in Za’atari it takes that someone extra special. Life in this refugee camp is difficult, as the violence and chaos is something very prevalent amongst the community, it is an environment that many outsiders tend to avoid.

Inside the camp however, there are innocent children who have had their lives uplifted and moved having had to flee their country and school, to a place where they may never enter a classroom again.

This is where the passionate, dedicated, knowledgable and skilled teacher comes to light.

These girls need hope, they need a place where they are opened up to the world outside of the camp. They need the knowledge and guidance from a teacher about what it means to live a fulfilling life and reach their full potential, ultimately they need someone they can trust. The teacher must also create an environment that is flexible and accommodating for all girls, life in this camp is not easy, especially for girls, so this environment needs to provide a place where the girls can communicate in meaningful ways and build positive relationships amongst each other.

The teacher must have the ability to create a FLS that brings together a 21st century classroom that is engaging and empowering. The girls need resources to connect them with others from around the world and it is important to utilise these resources to the best of their ability.

This teacher must be able to provide the girls with practical life skills, ones that will enable them to live life to their fullest potential.

As Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (UN, 2016).

As teachers lets help make a difference, even if it just changes one girls future.


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