Life in Za’atari

Before I start developing a future learning space for girls in Zaarati, I think it is important to gain an insight into the living conditions and issues that these girls are faced with everyday.

Za’atari refugee camp is now home to around 80,000 Syrians, who all fled due their homes due to the war, more than half of the occupants are children. The huge influx of refugees has now resulted in Za’atari being Jordan’s fourth biggest city. This has resulted in the camp facing vast challenges such as a lack of infrastructure and resources (Oxfam, 2016).

Families fled Syria in the hope that living in this camp would be temporary, however many have now faced the possibility that this will be their permanent home and are persevering to find work and create a future for themselves in the camp.

One devastating reality is that due to the lack of money and resources, families are resorting to selling their teenage daughters so there is one less person in their family they are response for.

Here are some images to help you get a sense of what it is like to live in Za’arati .


Oxfam and UNICEF are just two of the NGO’s that are working towards implementing an entire clean water system thats runs throughout the entire camp, this will assist with hygiene and cleanliness ultimately reducing the risk of disease.

It is important to remember that these people led normal lives, they lived in regular house and had regular jobs. If it was not for the war these families would still be at home, there children would be in school.

Abu Amar has written an article how about how his life has changed, Click here to here his story.

Girls living in Za’atari have documented life in the camp through photographs. Click here to see her photos.



Oxfam International (2016) Life in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan’s fourth biggest city. Retrieved from


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