What would you pack?

Family holidays for me always consisted of going camping, however the worst thing was packing. How do you know what to pack? What if it is hot through the day but really cold at night? I will need both summer and winter clothes? Then what will I do during the day? What books or magazines should I pack? My thoughts would go on forever.

Hwever after reading What’s in My Bag? What refugees bring when they run for their lives it dawned on me that these families had to pack for a lifetime, not just a weekend away camping and their bags were 3 times smaller than mine.

Have a look at what their bags consisted of….



What do you notice about what is in their bag?

I notice that majority of what is in the bag consists of medications and first aid, it really makes you think about what it must have been like for them knowing they may never return home.

To see the article in full click here. 


WHAT’S IN MY BAG? – Uprooted. (2016). Medium. Retrieved 14 October 2016, from https://medium.com/uprooted/what-s-in-my-bag-758d435f6e62#.f5l0kxk2a


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