My Journey so far…

So EDFD459 has been quite a challenge, however it has also been quite exciting. Each week I have continued to learn more and more about the learning spaces and how important it is to incorporate them into the classroom. By completing the e-tivities each week and having to add onto my personal learning space I am starting to really love how my pln is evolving, I can now finally see how this can be a professional space that will be a great resource for myself and other teachers.

Assessment 2 has been submitted! It was such a great feeling to see the finish product. I decided to use iauthor to publish my artefact and I was quite nervous to do so, in a previous assignment for another unit I did attempt to use it, however I found it very challenging so I resorted back to a powerpoint, but this time I was determined to try again. Once I worked it out, it was truly a A-Ha moment for me! The program is amazing, the widgets are so easy to use and extremely interactive, I was very impressed.

I am now going into week 9 of my 12 week semester so I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking forward to what is to come!


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