The Liminal Space

Have you ever found yourself in the liminal space?

Before week 8 of edfd459, I had never heard of the liminal space nor did I understand what it meant to be in it. The best way I know to explain it is its a space of uncertainty, it is the very boundary of your comfort zone and the leap into something unknown, something that may be scary or uncomfortable. The word ‘liminal’ means ‘threshold’ which is the beginning of something or transitioning. There are many times I have found myself stuck in a liminal space however one I won’t forget is the decision whether to move from the country to the city for university. I am very much a country girl and the big city was always a place I stayed away from due to feeling so overwhelmed with how busy it was when I did go (which was maybe once a year). So for me to make the decision whether or not to leave my comfort zone, move out of home away from my family into a small dorm room, was a massive decision. I truly was in the liminal space. After many discussions I decided that if I wanted to be a teacher which was always my dream, I had to take the leap into something unknown and move to the city! Now, 3 years later it was the best decision I made! 1 more year and I will be a qualified teacher however I will move back down to the country to teach, as it will always be home.

I hope that you can now make sense of the liminal space also, I have come to realise it is not something that should be scary or a cause of anxiety because it is a natural part of life and with time it always works out.





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