Celebrating my journey so far!

For me who is very new to blog writing it has been quite a challenge articulating what I want to say, this is something that I am working on and hopefully as the weeks progress I will become more and more comfortable with this style of writing.

It however has been rewarding to continually learn how to set up this blog, I am starting to see how this really can be a professional resource for teachers.

I have also really enjoying viewing my peers blogs, I am learning so much from them and also I am comforted to know that for many of them this is also a new experience and they also are finding challenges they are overcoming by collaborative with others.

In terms of the edfd459 unit, for me it has been a work in progress, I am finding it difficult to keep up to date with all the set tasks each week however I really like that it is an unit where I can tinker with  it and get through it at my own pace. I do not like leaving things to the last minute, so for me it is important that I set days to work  on the unit so I do not become overwhelmed, I am improving my time management skills and prioritising.

This is a very exciting adventure and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


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