My Top 5 apps and / or websites that let you curate information from the internet.

  1. Pinterest- One of my favourite apps, if I ever need inspiration I go straight to Pinterest!
  2. Twitter- I am new to twitter but i’m loving it! What a great professional resource.
  3. “trap” content into folders and go back into it to refer to and gain inspiration.
  4. Feedly- Curate blog information for future reference.
  5. Slideshare- Learn from others, share your own knowledge, gain information and curate the content.



My Future Classroom

I have attached just a few photos I have taken while on placement. I am so excited to one day have my very own classroom where I can create a space that is welcoming and safe for my students. I aim to keep taking photos when I enter classrooms, as I believe the more I see, the more I learn about what is required in a classroom and what benefits the students learning.


My Journey so far…

So EDFD459 has been quite a challenge, however it has also been quite exciting. Each week I have continued to learn more and more about the learning spaces and how important it is to incorporate them into the classroom. By completing the e-tivities each week and having to add onto my personal learning space I am starting to really love how my pln is evolving, I can now finally see how this can be a professional space that will be a great resource for myself and other teachers.

Assessment 2 has been submitted! It was such a great feeling to see the finish product. I decided to use iauthor to publish my artefact and I was quite nervous to do so, in a previous assignment for another unit I did attempt to use it, however I found it very challenging so I resorted back to a powerpoint, but this time I was determined to try again. Once I worked it out, it was truly a A-Ha moment for me! The program is amazing, the widgets are so easy to use and extremely interactive, I was very impressed.

I am now going into week 9 of my 12 week semester so I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking forward to what is to come!

Incursions and Excursions

Incursions and excursions are both extremely important events in the school calendar. They are known to increase student engagement and improve their overall learning by being in a new physical environment. It is also more likely to engage students and enhance the experience compared to when just hearing about it at school and not being immersed into the context.

Incursions happen within the school environment however excursions are when you leave the school and go out into the community, therefore there are many factors that must be considered before walking out the front gate.

Check out this checklist I made to help in the preparation of an excursion checklist-for-excursions.

The Liminal Space

Have you ever found yourself in the liminal space?

Before week 8 of edfd459, I had never heard of the liminal space nor did I understand what it meant to be in it. The best way I know to explain it is its a space of uncertainty, it is the very boundary of your comfort zone and the leap into something unknown, something that may be scary or uncomfortable. The word ‘liminal’ means ‘threshold’ which is the beginning of something or transitioning. There are many times I have found myself stuck in a liminal space however one I won’t forget is the decision whether to move from the country to the city for university. I am very much a country girl and the big city was always a place I stayed away from due to feeling so overwhelmed with how busy it was when I did go (which was maybe once a year). So for me to make the decision whether or not to leave my comfort zone, move out of home away from my family into a small dorm room, was a massive decision. I truly was in the liminal space. After many discussions I decided that if I wanted to be a teacher which was always my dream, I had to take the leap into something unknown and move to the city! Now, 3 years later it was the best decision I made! 1 more year and I will be a qualified teacher however I will move back down to the country to teach, as it will always be home.

I hope that you can now make sense of the liminal space also, I have come to realise it is not something that should be scary or a cause of anxiety because it is a natural part of life and with time it always works out.




Celebrating my journey so far!

For me who is very new to blog writing it has been quite a challenge articulating what I want to say, this is something that I am working on and hopefully as the weeks progress I will become more and more comfortable with this style of writing.

It however has been rewarding to continually learn how to set up this blog, I am starting to see how this really can be a professional resource for teachers.

I have also really enjoying viewing my peers blogs, I am learning so much from them and also I am comforted to know that for many of them this is also a new experience and they also are finding challenges they are overcoming by collaborative with others.

In terms of the edfd459 unit, for me it has been a work in progress, I am finding it difficult to keep up to date with all the set tasks each week however I really like that it is an unit where I can tinker with  it and get through it at my own pace. I do not like leaving things to the last minute, so for me it is important that I set days to work  on the unit so I do not become overwhelmed, I am improving my time management skills and prioritising.

This is a very exciting adventure and I can’t wait to see where it goes!